No words…


No words…


These scenes with Sam and Crowley are the best ever.


"Jared has grown up the most. He was 22 when he started the show. Now he’s in his 30s, he’s got two children, he’s married, he’s just a different person. It’s been cool to be a part of that and sit and watch him become a man. I like to think I helped him along the way with advice and stuff, but I’m very proud of the man he’s become." (Jensen Ackles)

“We’ve become brothers. I mean, we’ve gone from 20-something bachelors to 30 year old husbands and fathers. But there’s nobody I would’ve rather spent the last nine years growing up and chasing demons and fighting monsters with, than this guy here.” (Jared Padalecki)

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9 seasons, 195 episodes, 80 hugs, and thousands of tears later … it all began, September 13, 2005, with two brothers.

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THE SUPERNATURAL GIF CHALLENGE  |  khaelesi vs. dreamcastiel
  round 1  
favorite character + body part | dean winchester + bowlegs

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Well behaved women rarely make history

-Eleanor Roosevelt

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samdean + (fandom) text posts
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VanCon 2014

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